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Professional karaoke systems

for restaurants, clubs and homes 



Modern possibilities of our systems

High assembling quality

Our systems are of the highest quality materials and assembling. Karaoke systems are based on high-tech equipment, such as the Apple Mac mini for Home system or modern ultrabooks for Lite system. Professional components, which have high performance and professional level of quality of content playback, were selected especially for Professional system. All of these ensure stable operation of our karaoke systems both at home and on the professional stage, under any climatic conditions.

What our product YOUR DAY is made for:

for home
for entertainment facilities
for open-air
for parties
for concert
for your computer

Karaoke systems

Virtual systems
Start/Start Plus
Start/Start Plus
Virtual system for beginners
Home/Home Plus
Home/Home Plus
Lite virtual system for home use
Club/Club Plus
Club/Club Plus
Complete, virtual system for leisure and business
Full/Full Plus
Full/Full Plus
Professional system with maximum functionality for your business
Ready-to-use systems
Professional system for the most ambitious projects

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Modern karaoke player with broad functionality

YOUR DAY systems are notable for modern karaoke player. It has advanced functionality and convenient user interface of the new generation. All modern audio and video formats support, playback of any content, smart songs search, displaying the analysis of played songs for printing, recording the artist in real time, automatic singing assessment, Multi-Touch system support, Internet access and other benefits are only a part of the capabilities of our player.

Assembled systems are ready for use!

Do you want to test your new karaoke system immediately after purchase? It's easy!!! Our assembled systems are ready for use. You do not have to buy anything more or install anything further - everything you need for your convenient work is already present in one system.

Audio content of professional sound quality

You get access to a huge database of audio content of professional sound quality in addition to professional karaoke system. We create it in our recording studios, which employs a staff of experts: world-renowned musicians and arrangers, sound technicians, engineers, programmers and other professionals. Owing to this, our audio content meets international standards and is no different from phonograms of professional performers. It can even be used on the professional stage.

Support from professionals

We will provide around the clock support for your karaoke system. Thanks to this, you can always resolve any problem quickly, whether it's a virus attack by hackers, contamination by third-party applications, configuration failure or accidental deletion of information. Just contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Support for two video streams with Full HD high resolution

Realistic video images in Full HD quality on administrator’s screen and client’s screen

All modern video and audio formats support

Ability to organize and play all the latest audio and video formats including videos with HD and 4K resolution 

Individual orders of karaoke songs and arrangements

Order of professional recording of your favorite karaoke songs, new hits, folk songs and original songs

Karaoke for children

Special data base with songs for children, which include only songs for children’s karaoke

Internet connection

In addition to karaoke you are offered on-line TV, internet radio, photo sharing, weather forecast and much more

Various payment options

You can easily pay for your order online: we took care for you to find the most convenient payment method for you
Order a free demo version of our player right now!

The latest news from the world of karaoke

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Copyright Protection
Legal use of musical works and video materials in YOUR DAY ™ karaoke systems.