Start/Start Plus
Virtual system for beginners

Virtual Start is a virtual karaoke system for anyone who wants to try their hand at karaoke. It is represented by a portable USB 3.0 hard drive, which includes special software with the required functionality and capabilities. The system includes the most popular karaoke songs and video backgrounds. These features make Virtual Start system perfectly suitable for exploring virtual karaoke systems.

For those who want to receive additional features, we offer Virtual Start Plus system. It includes a professional sound card with effects for vocals, a compressor and an integrated DSP-processor, which makes the system more complete at a minimum price difference.

Virtual Start/Virtual Start Plus system is a great way to try one’s hand at karaoke without serious investments.

50 000$
Start Plus
  • Full functionality of modern karaoke player
  • Remote control from tablet
  • 8, 000 songs and 10 video backgrounds in the set

The ability to reinstall the system on other computers

The ability to reinstall the system on other computers

You can always move the karaoke system to another device. To do this, you need to disable it on the device, where it is already installed. After deactivation a new active license will be available, and you will only have to install a virtual karaoke system to another device.

500 GB Hard Drive

Virtual karaoke system Virtual Start / Virtual Start Plus is based on a 500 GB hard disk. You do not need special software to install a karaoke system on a computer. Simply connect an external hard drive with pre-installed player to your PC or laptop and use a virtual karaoke system.

500 GB Hard Drive

Professional sound card in Start Plus set

Professional sound card in Start Plus set

A professional sound card with effects for vocals, an integrated digital mixer, a compressor, as well as an incredibly popular Tascam US-366 interface with a built-in mixer and effects processor is included in the karaoke kit of the Virtual Start Plus system. With a professional sound card, you get a sound sound from the soundtrack without the slightest hint of noise or audio delay. Effects for vocals will allow you to bring a zest to the sound of the performer, and the digital mixing console will allow you to separately configure microphones and karaoke songs.
Tascam US-366 is a USB audio interface with 4 combined XLR and 2 TRS inputs, one of which can be used as an instrumental, as well as digital optical and coaxial input and 2 line outputs - TRS and RCA. The device has the functionality of a mixer, there is an effect block based on DSP technology. Preamplifiers for microphones are made in accordance with the HDDA standard. The "Mixer Panel" button gives instant access to the digital mixer and inserts / effects sends. The mixer works in one of two modes - multitrack or stereo mix. In combination with the ability to reproduce and record the artist 24-bit / 192 kHz, these facts all speak about one thing - this sound card is currently the best audio interface.

Modern karaoke player with broad functionality

YOUR DAY systems are notable for modern karaoke player. It has convenient user interface of the new generation and advanced functionality: all modern audio and video formats support, playback of any content, smart songs search, displaying the analysis of played songs for printing, recording the artist in real time, automatic singing assessment, Multi-Touch system support, Internet access, convenient interface and other benefits. 


Modern karaoke player with broad functionality

Contents of delivery

Delivery package Start Start Plus
500 GB\ 1 TB 3.0 USB Hard drive 500 GB 500 GB
Sound card of professional level
Microphone - -
Built-in DSP-processor
6 types of effects for vocals
Three-band equalizer
Media content Start Start Plus
Database with karaoke songs 8000 8000
Video backgrounds in SD 10 -
Original clips - -
"Background audio" Package
Video concerts - -
Video backgrounds in Full HD - -
Package with children’s karaoke songs
“Folk songs of the world” package
Technical requirements Start Start Plus
Processor Intel: i3, i5, i7
AMD: dual-core 3.0 GHz
Intel: i3, i5, i7
AMD: dual-core 3.0 GHz
Screen 16:9 ratio
resolution 1366х768 and higher
16:9 ratio
resolution 1366х768 and higher
Hard drive No less than 500 GB No less than 500 GB
Video card AMD Radeon, 1 GB
GeForce, 1 GB
AMD Radeon, 1 GB
GeForce, 1 GB
Sound card 24 bit In the set
Plugs USB 3.0 or 2.0 USB 3.0 or 2.0
OS Windows 7, Sp1 and higher Linux, Mac OS
System capabilities Start Start Plus
Remote control on the IOS and Android tablets
License with an option to reinstall
Full functionality of the player
Playback of other karaoke
Creating and downloading playlists
Background music during intermissions
Ability to add videos and clips
Installation of the logo of an entertainment facility
Full HD support
Automatic evaluation of singing
Analysis of performed songs
Auto pause between songs
Option to set a password to enter the accounting module
Updates with an option to save engineer settings
Programmable hot keys
Accounting with a print option
Option to set a password to enter settings
Qualitative change of the tone and tempo of the composition
Displays marker in the lyrics
Playback of all video, audio and karaoke formats
Multi-Touch system support
Protection system
Individual karaoke song order
OS Support: Windows
OS Support: Linux, Mac OS
Individual update option
Option to connect 2 microphones
Automatic installation of drivers
Sound output High-End 24 bit
Recording the artist in real time
Card is powered by USB
“Karaoke in booths” service

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Service and technical support for Your Day karaoke system


We never leave our customers without operational assistance. YOUR DAY The company's specialists provide round the clock technical support for your online karaoke system. With this you will always be able to quickly deal with any problem, be it failure settings, hacker attack, or other problems. Just contact us and we will gladly help you not only to solve the problem, but also to avoid problems in the karaoke system in the future.


Our team is continually working to improve the software for karaoke systems and record new karaoke songs. System software is regularly updated. Automatic updates occur every 3-4 months. To download the update, you only need to connect to the Internet. In addition, we produce 12 packages of songs a year for karaoke of professional quality. You can order desired package of songs through the program interface at any time

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