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General information
Delivery package
500 GB\ 1 TB 3.0 USB Hard drive
Sound card of professional level
Built-in DSP-processor
6 types of effects for vocals
Three-band equalizer
Media content
Database with karaoke songs
Video backgrounds in SD
Original clips
"Background audio" Package
Video concerts
Video backgrounds in Full HD
Package with children’s karaoke songs
“Folk songs of the world” package
Technical requirements
Hard drive
Video card
Sound card
System capabilities
Remote control on the IOS and Android tablets
License with an option to reinstall
Full functionality of the player
Playback of other karaoke
Creating and downloading playlists
Background music during intermissions
Ability to add videos and clips
Installation of the logo of an entertainment facility
Full HD support
Automatic evaluation of singing
Analysis of performed songs
Auto pause between songs
Option to set a password to enter the accounting module
Updates with an option to save engineer settings
Programmable hot keys
Accounting with a print option
Option to set a password to enter settings
Qualitative change of the tone and tempo of the composition
Displays marker in the lyrics
Playback of all video, audio and karaoke formats
Multi-Touch system support
Protection system
Individual karaoke song order
OS Support: Windows
OS Support: Linux, Mac OS
Individual update option
Option to connect 2 microphones
Automatic installation of drivers
Sound output High-End 24 bit
Recording the artist in real time
Card is powered by USB
“Karaoke in booths” service