Karaoke market overview

Karaoke market overview

As it was mentioned earlier, karaoke has penetrated into all spheres of our life. But still karaoke systems are the most widespread in the professional market, that is, in karaoke clubs, restaurants and bars. Today they have the biggest share of the market. Dozens of entertainment facilities are being opened and renovated, they sing karaoke in parks and on the beaches. That is, karaoke in its professional manifestation can be found almost anywhere where there is organized entertainment.

The second, but equally important part of the market is home segment, so called "for myself" segment. Lately karaoke lovers still prefer to sing with their friends at home, citing the opportunity to invite only those whom they want to see, as well as no costs for rental of the karaoke hall, staff salaries, broken tables and mirrors during a fun-filled evening. Also, after the end of the event guests do not need to go home, and you can stay overnight at the host’s place. Joking aside, but actually it is the way it is! In addition, the most expensive equipment for karaoke and the best one on the market is bought "for myself". That is why, even in times of crisis, the market of home karaoke systems is developing rather dynamically. After all, as Ostap Bender said: "If banknotes roam in the country, then there are people who have lots of them."

In addition, karaoke lovers want to sing not only at home or in clubs, but also in the car, outdoors and on the yacht. It is for this reason a new segment of professional karaoke systems appeared, which you can install both in a car, and on your favourite yacht. They are powered by the on-board power supply (12 or 24 volt) and are specially designed to meet specific requirements such as: shaking, pitching, higher or lower operating temperatures, increased humidity and dustiness. Such systems can be integrated into an existing audio-video system, or a new a new karaoke-specific system with all customer requirements can be created.

As for the cost of karaoke systems, here the customer has a wide range to choose from to suit all budgets, starting at the minimum price for a professional karaoke system. Thus, the price of the system can range between 1,000 and 8,000 US dollars. It all depends on the quantity of tracks in the system, the quality of phonograms, kitting. In addition, today you can even buy the content separately (i.e. karaoke songs), and software to play them, and install it on your PC or laptop, which significantly reduces the cost of your karaoke system. And to make such a system sound really well you only need to purchase a professional audio interface and a couple of decent microphones. Based on the abovementioned, we have to note that the manufacturers of professional karaoke systems have managed to cover it all: both vertical and horizontal segments of the existing market - we can sing karaoke everywhere and at reasonable prices.


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