Karaoke and Restaurant Business

Karaoke and Restaurant Business

In this article, I would like to dwell in more detail on the professional segment of the market, namely the use of karaoke in the restaurant business. Nowadays, especially in big cities, it is almost impossible to imagine a restaurant or a club without a karaoke hall. However, it is not surprising that there is a defined geographical dependence - the saturation of restaurants and karaoke halls falls from the East to the West. That is, this culture is much better developed in Asia than in Europe ... An interesting fact is that even in Ukraine there is the same relationship – the farther to the west, the less karaoke halls are there in restaurants and clubs. For example, if one can count up to 200-300 facilities of this type in Kharkiv and Kyiv, there are only 15 of them in Lviv! That is, it turns out that cultural ideals and upbringing greatly affect the enthusiasm of visitors of karaoke restaurants. This point must be taken into account in terms of the development of the facility in the first place - whether it is necessary to establish a karaoke hall at all, whether it is justified, whether it will attract guests or vice versa – push them away.

If, however, in time of an opening of a new facility, a decision to install a karaoke system is made, you need to decide on its format – whether it will work as a main tool to attract visitors or as an option in the form of an additional hall. Both variants have the right to life, and both of these approaches are good in their own right. It all depends on the concept of the facility and the wishes of the founders.

The same applies to the conversion of the facility to increase the average check amount - whether all of the facility will comprise of one karaoke room, or whether a separate "corner" will be allocated to karaoke or whether karaoke will be held on separate days and hours.

Also, you should not treat the installation of karaoke equipment like "we’ll try and see how it goes." This approach is not a good one! Firstly, a restaurant with karaoke and a restaurant without it are conceptually completely different things. They have different marketing, different approaches to the recruitment of staff and even the placement of tables. Secondly, "we’ll try" approach does not imply installation of "good" equipment. Basically it implies renting or purchasing "so-so" equipment, which resembles a professional one from distance, for little money. It sounds bad, the karaoke content is weak, and it all will end up scaring existing clients, not attracting new ones.

It is for these reasons that it is necessary to define clearly whether there will be karaoke in the facility or not! Do not waste your strength and resources. In addition, this kind of uncertainty can result in a loss of the most valuable for the facility – its visitors.

And so the decision is made – there will be a karaoke in the facility! If you have decided to use karaoke as a main tool to attract customers, then in such a case, you should not skimp on karaoke equipment - it should be modern, high-quality and rider equipment. Karaoke system should contain the biggest possible quantity of songs and original videos, which must be constantly updated, as more and more new albums of famous singers are issued.

In addition, manufacturers are constantly carrying out the replacement of soundtracks for better ones. If you will not update your system, the result will be your visitors in a neighbouring restaurant, which has fresh songs. Be sure to pay attention to the fact that not an administrator, nor a bartender or what is worse, a waiter (and it happens sometimes!!!) have to manage quality and expensive karaoke system, but a specially trained expert who has experience of working with such equipment and will be responsible for it. Also, presence of an emcee, who sings well and knows how to entertain an audience is very welcome in a karaoke hall.

Regarding the use of karaoke as an additional (optional) tool, then it is possible to make a system a little bit cheaper: install a karaoke system of the so-called Lite version (with fewer phonograms), choose more simple audio equipment, but definitely of a good quality. It should be easy and understandable for simple man in the street to manage such system, as often the selection and launch of phonograms, as well as the volume control is trusted to the guests, or the staff of the restaurant (usually the administrator). However, in such cases, it is necessary to acquaint visitors with the "Crash menu", because change or repair of the equipment after each event is not only troublesome, but also very costly.

Next, we will focus in more detail on the principles of choosing a karaoke system for different types of tasks. In the meantime, let’s summarize what you need to consider first when you install a karaoke system:

1. Which format will your facility work in: Karaoke + restaurant or restaurant + karaoke,

2. Determine the number and arrangement of the tables,

3. Pick the equipment correctly,

4. Train staff ...

And as it was mentioned earlier, constantly monitor updates to the data base of karaoke soundtracks.


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