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You no longer have to approach the system each time you want to turn it on or off, change the song, change settings or perform other actions. Now it can be done remotely via the app. It is easy to start using the app at home: open the karaoke player and set the password for full access in the settings. Start Your Tablet app on your tablet - the app will automatically find available Wi-Fi connections. Then, in a new window, enter your password for full access and enjoy the convenience of remote control of karaoke player.

Frequently asked questions

The order of songs is possible in the user's account.You can order songs separately or in a package.

When ordering annual packages there are the following discounts on updates available:

With a 6 months package you will receive a discount of 15%

With a 12 months package you will receive a discount of 40%

With a 24 months package you will receive a discount of 60%

Open a karaoke player, connect computer to the Internet and click the "Update" button, which is located in the upper left corner.

If you have a new version of the program, you will have a table. Changes and corrections, which a new version has, as well as download options will be described in the table.

After downloading the player will upgrade independently. All settings will be saved. Updating the player is free and available to all users.


You can reinstall the player on new computers an unlimited number of times. Deactivate the player on the old device before installing it on a new one.


Yes, there are packages with songs of different nationalities of the world: Italian, Armenian, Kazakh, French, Jewish, Kyrgyz, Tatar, Uzbek, Chinese and Japanese. All of these packages are available for order in your account.

 Yes, our employee can install and configure the system. You just need to connect the drive to your computer and go online.

  • We have a large and high-quality data base of karaoke songs.


  • Manufacture software and virtual professional karaoke packages, which you can install on your computer.


  • We offer flexible choice of computer. You can choose a computer of design, shape, color and capabilities convenient for you and install a professional Virtual Karaoke package on it. If your device is out of date, out of order or you just want to change it, you can easily reinstall the karaoke system to a new computer.


  • We offer components of the highest quality of the modular system.


  • Professional recording studio and qualified, talented musicians, through which our customers can order any karaoke song and get a song in a professional quality in no time. To do this, you just need to use and option of individual updates, available in your account.

  • We offer different capabilities and functionality of the karaoke player.


  • Free technical support 24 hours a day.


  • Hot line at 8 800 500 2573 is free of charge for Russia.

No, we do not do this. In our database, there are only songs purchased directly from the authors and artists, as well as ones recorded in our recording studio.

Yes, the app for remote control with tablets is available in the Android Play Market and App Store. It is called Your Tablet.

Yes, you can. The following are supported formats of karaoke songs: KNF; MIDI; CD+G; KAR; MP3+Lyric.

After installing the program on the computer, it is impossible to start the karaoke player.
This happens only on laptops of such manufacturers as: ACER; ASUS; DELL and only on the pre-installed Microsoft Windows 10 operating system.
The reason for this error is in our security system and protection against installation on virtual machines and illegal copying, distribution of systems. The fact is that manufacturers of devices for installing factory software create and later hide an administrative user on the operating system. Karaoke player YOUR DAY does not work in systems where there is a hidden user with administrator rights.
To run the program, you need to prepare your laptop and install the pre-downloaded Windows 10 distribution from the Microsoft website. After download and install the latest drivers from the website of the manufacturer of the laptop and install them. Reboot the device and install the karaoke player. Enter or search for a license for Windows you do not betray. If you had a pre-installed licensed operating system, simply click activate and the OS generates your key from the BIOS.

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