Ready-to-use systems

Ready-to-use YOUR DAY systems are professional karaoke equipment for your home, club or the big stage. With the help of ready-to-use karaoke systems you can sing favorite songs at home, arrange a karaoke party at any convenient location, open your own karaoke club, perform on big music venues and professional stage.

from 4 000$

Why YOUR DAY karaoke systems are the best on the market?

All karaoke systems are based on high-tech equipment, such as the Apple Mac mini for Home system or modern ultrabooks for Lite system. Professional components, which have high performance and professional level of quality of content playback, were selected especially for Professional system.

YOUR DAY karaoke systems are very easy to use - they can be controlled remotely from a tablet. An application for mobile devices Your Tablet Club has been specially developed for this feature.

Systems also have a modern karaoke player with enhanced functionality and user-friendly interface of the new generation. All modern audio and video formats support, playback of any content, smart songs search, display of the analysis of played songs for printing, recording artist in real time, automatic singing assessment, Multi-Touch system support, Internet access are only a part of the capabilities of YOUR DAY karaoke player.

Having chosen YOUR DAY system, you get access to a huge database of audio content of professional sound level in addition to the professional karaoke system. The system already includes complete databases of karaoke songs, video backgrounds in Full HD quality, original music videos and other media content. In addition, you will be able to buy more content and personally order new songs.