Karaoke song packages
All the most current songs for karaoke in one package

Do you want to have all the latest karaoke hits of the professional sound quality? Do you keep track of what's new in karaoke? Do you want to know which karaoke songs are most in demand? We offer you complete packages of the most current karaoke songs. Our song packages are updated monthly and include only fresh and popular phonograms. Being on the fashionable wave of current karaoke songs is easy – just make a monthly subscription for karaoke song packages and you will always be aware of musical novelty. To do this, go to your personal account on our website and subscribe.

Monthly update packages

Get the latest music hits every month

Each month we create packages of karaoke songs for you. You do not have to spend time searching for good quality musical hits - monthly packages contain all the popular karaoke songs of the month in a professional quality. To receive all the most current karaoke phonograms, you only need to subscribe to an update package by YOUR DAY.

Song pack price — 100$
The original sound quality
100 karaoke songs per month
Only new world hits

Latest update packages

The catalog is available in PDF-format. To view the Update Package, click the update icon.

Annual updates subscription

Maximum savings without the loss in quality

A convenient and economical option to subscribe to karaoke songs update packages. We offer several subscription options. By selecting any of them, you can significantly save on updating the content for karaoke, with no loss in sound quality of downloadable media content.

Also you have the opportunity to order single song from a shared directory or make the personal order song that is not in the general catalog
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